Aug 05 2020

The Power of the Next-Generation Work Center in Public Safety

As societies undergo dramatic transformation through technology, state and local agencies are discovering the power of data-driven decision-making. Whether their focus is on public safety, emergency management, terrorism, cybersecurity or transportation, agencies must marshal a continually evolving set of resources, deploy them as quickly and effectively as possible, and chart a course for optimal results.

The challenge, of course, is that the richest decision-making resource — data — is dynamic and complex. To address that challenge, agencies are enhancing existing work centers such as emergency operations and fusion centers with next-generation technologies. These next-generation work centers (NGWCs) incorporate intelligent, responsive ecosystems that integrate multiple data streams into a single, cohesive picture, allowing users to assess a situation in real time and make decisions accordingly.

NGWCs use data-rich endpoints, such as video surveillance cameras and connected sensors; visualization solutions, analytics software and situational awareness platforms that transform data into actionable insights; collaboration solutions that connect decision-makers, regardless of location; and supporting infrastructure, such as network, storage and compute solutions.

In the enterprise, data is a powerful advantage as organizations pursue digital transformation. This is no less true for agencies — perhaps more so, given that public safety and well-being are at stake. Today, the extent to which agencies optimize data may be the single biggest determining factor in how quickly and effectively they can achieve the mission at hand.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: "The Power of the Next-Generation Work Center."

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