In This Issue: Focus on Cloud Computing

CLOUD: Public vs. private model, pros and cons
MANAGEMENT: IT staff must adopt new skills for the cloud
INFRASTRUCTURE: Automate provisioning and chargeback
PRODUCTIVITY: Office 365 will change how you work

April 5, 2011  

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Cumulus Benefits
Whether they go with public or private clouds, government agencies reap cost savings

Colorado's Douglas County Library deployed Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS), which costs less than the library was spending on its old e-mail system but offers many more features.

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Tech Trends  

Shifting Skill Sets
Cloud computing deployments require a different sort of IT expertise

The Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority and Klamath County, Ore., have found that moving to the cloud changes more than hardware and software. IT pros must adapt to new roles.

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Tech Tips  

Seeding Your Cloud
Pick up pointers on automating provisioning and chargeback

Resource automation techniques paired with cloud automation software enable organizations to let users help themselves.

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Tech Watch  

Microsoft Office 365
Forthcoming suite brings communications, collaboration and productivity together in the cloud

Microsoft will beef up the next generation of Business Productivity Online Standard Suite with powerful collaboration tools blended into a single service.

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Clear Skies Ahead
Cloud computing is critical to the rising demand for IT services and automation

While some state IT planners remain hesitant about approaching the cloud, others boldly go forward with integrating cloud computing into their IT strategies.

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Tech Watch

Strengthened Security: Software as a service boosts efficiency

White Paper

ITIL for Government: Adopting IT Infrastructure Library guidelines can improve management strategies — especially with cloud computing initiatives

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Cloud Computing: Making the Cloud Achievable

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