In This Issue: Public Safety

SECURITY: Surveillance Boosts Safety in Bay County, Fla.
COLLABORATION: Mobile Data Hub Helps Combat Crime
TABLETS: A Variety of Tablets Speed First Response
MOBILITY: Follow These Tips for Building a Mobile VPN

May 17, 2011  

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Case Study  

Watchful Eye
Bay County, Fla., uses cutting-edge cameras and surveillance software to improve safety at the jail and courthouse

The Bay County Sheriff's Office has built a top-notch surveillance system with 120 Axis cameras and innovative software from ipConfigure.

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Case Study  

The Panhandle's PRIDE
Law enforcement agencies deploy IP surveillance devices to detect incidents and capture evidence

Law enforcement agencies across 26 counties combat crime with a new mobile data hub that facilitates data exchange and collaboration.

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Tech Trends  

A Clean Slate
A host of tablet models gives firefighters and EMS an optimal choice of form factor

Tablets are for more than just entertainment. A variety of tablets are being used in different capacities by firefighters and EMS workers, helping to improve response time and reduce paperwork.

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Tech Tips  

Designing Mobile VPNs
Consider these steps to gain ease of use and sustainability without re-authentication

Mobile VPNs have different needs from traditional VPNs. Keep wireless users running securely on the go with these handy tips on designing a mobile VPN.

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Product Review

General Dynamics Itronix GD8000: This tough computer was built to deal with freezing temperatures, direct sunlight and occasional accidents.


Twice the Security: Two-factor authentication methods offer secure access and reliability.

White Paper

Digital Evidence Management: New technologies to manage, enhance and distribute evidence are helping law enforcement agencies improve their processes.

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