In This Issue: Focus on Data Loss Prevention

ASSESSMENT: Los Angeles Audits Network
DATA: DLP Software Locks Down Data
ENDPOINT: Six Tips to Guard the Client
REVIEW: M86 Secure Web Gateway

July 12, 2011  

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Safeguarding Sensitive Data
Governments stay secure with vulnerability assessments and DLP software

IT departments from California to Virginia and places in between use vulnerability assessments and DLP software to protect sensitive data.

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Tech Trends  

Play It Safe with DLP
Data loss prevention software helps governments keep sensitive data under wraps

Travis County, Texas, and New York State look to control data breaches by deploying data loss prevention software.

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Tech Tips  

Understanding Endpoint DLP
Prevent data loss with these six tips

Endpoint DLP can protect your organization's desktops and notebooks from unwanted data loss. Use these six tips as a guide.

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Product Review  

M86 Secure Web Gateway
Unit protects governments from malware and malicious webmail content

This gateway from M86 protects state and local networks from malware and features tools that let IT staff set up customized security profiles.

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Reference Guide

Information Security: Preventing threats, protecting your data.

Best Practices

Loss Prevention Team: Apply proper policies, risk assessment and tech tools to minimize data leakage.

White Paper

Risk Assessment and Data Loss Prevention: Addressing security threats including those related to cloud computing, social networks, virtualization, mobility and peer-to-peer computing.

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