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StateTech explores technology issues that state and local government IT leaders and workers face when they’re evaluating and implementing a solution. StateTech is published by CDW which is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Ill.

CDW Corporation is a leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to business, government, education and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. A Fortune 500 company and member of the S&P 500 Index, CDW was founded in 1984 and employs approximately 15,000 coworkers. For the trailing twelve months ended September 30, 2022, CDW generated Net sales of approximately $24 billion. For more information about CDW, please visit www.CDW.com.

Ryan Petersen
Ryan Petersen
Editor in Chief

Ryan has been a magazine and newspaper editor for 22 years, with the last 16 covering a variety of bases for CDW’s family of tech magazines. As Editor in Chief, he works on developing editorial strategy and is always on the lookout for new writing talent and sharing great stories with the IT world. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, biking and obsessively following Iowa Hawkeye sports and Cubs baseball.

Ricky Ribeiro
Ricky Ribeiro
Editorial Director

Ricky has been a content creator for more than 10 years with a strong background and emphasis in digital content and interactive storytelling. For more than 8 years, Ricky has helped shape the evolving integrated content strategy for HealthTech, shepherding the program through different redesigns and the emergence of several new content types. When not immersed in all things health and IT, Ricky indulges his deep love of comic books, super heroes and video games.

Mickey McCarter
Mickey McCarter
Managing Editor

Mickey McCarter has been an editor and reporter for magazines and websites, largely focused on defense and military tech, for roughly 20 years. Prior to joining State Tech, Mickey handled communications and public relations for the Security Industry Association (SIA). Mickey spends his spare time at rock concerts around DC being a serious music nerd.

Allison Gauthier
Allison Gauthier

Allison Gauthier is a senior content specialist and editor of StateTech magazine.

Phil Goldstein
Phil Goldstein
Senior Editor

Phil Goldstein is the senior editor for StateTech magazine. Besides for keeping up with the latest in technology trends, he is also an avid lover of the New York Yankees, poetry, photography, traveling and escaping humidity.

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