Mar 29 2007

Rugged Racks Can Keep IT Dry

Rugged Racks Can Keep IT Dry

Rugged Racks Can Keep IT Dry

When Mother Nature strikes, the consequences for state and local government systems shops can be devastating. Hurricanes, floods and storms can damage and destroy the hardware needed to keep operations functioning before, during and after an emergency.

To protect systems, many agencies are tucking them into rugged racks — waterproof, shockproof, stainless steel cases from SKB that can house information technology equipment and protect it from harsh conditions.

“Officers love the quick turnaround time,” says Lynn Childs, public information manager for the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). “It also takes NCIC out of the building so they can use it at an investigation.” Other benefits include officer safety, quick response and confidentiality, Childs says.

Jacksonville, Fla., a city frequently battered by hurricanes, packs its switching equipment, tape backup servers and storage area network servers into an SKB rack that the city can move to a temporary or new location when necessary.

A full seal makes these racks completely waterproof, says Juana Hernandez, industrial sales manager for SKB. Several government agencies and businesses used the racks following Hurricane Katrina to float their systems out of flooded buildings.

“The product was specifically designed for government use and meets all the military-specification requirements for shock absorption and ability to withstand vibration, rust and water,” Hernandez says.