The 8 Most Social State and Local Government CIOs on Twitter

These CIOs are leading the way to a social future.

What is the role of a CIO in state or local government? Technology needs vary widely, and budgets are tight. For these reasons, CIOs are no longer focusing on the help desk; instead, they are concerned with creating a sustainable vision for the future of their government. Social media offers CIOs a platform for two-way communication not only with peers but also with citizens. As governments become more open, this line of communication will become more important.

David Landsbergen, in the Electronic Journal of e-Government, offers this concise and insightful summary of the role social media serves in government:

Social media is growing because of the increasing importance of networks. There is an ongoing debate within policy circles about the relative efficacy of markets or bureaucracies (government or private sector) in getting things done. But there is a third institution – networks. Networks span across and within, public, private, and nonprofit sector organizations. In many cases, they can more quickly and accurately provide answers to questions like: “Whom do you know that can get something done for me?” “Who can I ask to get the correct information I need?”

Download Government as Part of the Revolution: Using Social Media to Achieve Public Goals.

Recently, The Huffington Post published a list of the most social CIOs in business, government and education. On that list were eight CIOs from cities and counties around the United States, as well as one from a county in England. These experts offer great resources and insight on the social web and are must-follows for anyone involved with technology:

Jonathan Reichental - City of Palo Alto, CA

As the CIO of Silicon Valley, Jonathan Reichental has his work cut out for him. With his extensive experience in private and public sectors, he is up to the task. @Reichental

Brenda Cooper - City of Kirkland, WA

In addition to leading Kirkland, Wash., into the future of technology, Cooper has written several science fiction novels. A self-proclaimed futurist, she is turning fiction into reality in her city. @brendacooper

Joe Palmer - Jefferson County, CO

Palmer is highly engaged with the social web, sharing interesting technology stories and news from all corners of the Internet. @CIOJoe

Jos Creese - Hampshire County, England

Other governments deal with many of the same issues as cities, counties and states in the United States. For a fresh perspective on technology in government, be sure to follow Creese. @JosCreese

David Sullivan - City of Norfolk, VA

Sullivan tweets about all things technology, and his Rebel Mouse page is the best way to experience his social media activity. @ciophoto

Jon Walton - City of San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is home to some of the most innovative and important technology companies in the world, and this city’s government is keeping pace. @SFCityCIO

Bill Greeves - Wake County, NC

Greeves previously served as the CIO of Roanoke County, Va., and was one of StateTech’s 2012 Must-Read IT bloggers. @bgreeves

Bill Schrier - City of Seattle, WA

Technically, Schrier is the former CIO of Seattle, but his work with the Center for Digital Government makes him an important voice in the government technology community. He was also a StateTech 2012 Must-Read IT blogger. @billschrier

View the full list on Huffington Post.


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Jan 28 2013