StateTech’s 2013 “Must-Read IT Blogs” Nominees

Help StateTech create the ultimate list of state and local government tech blogs.

Which government technology blogs, whether at the state or the local level, consistently deliver the best resources?

In 2012, the StateTech editors got together to curate a list of 50 exceptional state and local government technology blogs. The list was a hit, but this year we’re asking our readers to help us crowdsource an updated list by submitting and voting on the best blogs.

How to Submit and Vote

Here’s how it works: To add a blog, click “Add to List.” You will be prompted to sign in with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ and then register with your email (we apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but we want to keep our list free of spammers). Once you sign in, you will be able to add a blog. Simply click “Add to List” one more time and then select “Item with Link.” Include a link to the blog you would like to nominate, and provide a short description of what readers will find there. You can also vote for your favorite blogs using the arrow to the right of each blog.

Submission Criteria

Blogs should focus on government technology, preferably at the state or the local level, but we are also open to enterprise technology blogs that cover government, but not exclusively. (Our partner site FedTech is crowdsourcing a federal list, so submit great fed blogs there.) Suggested topics include cloud computing, citizen engagement, green IT, mobility, Big Data, virtualization and security. Feel free to submit blogs on other relevant topics, such as urban farming, machine-to-machine networks, social media and 3D printing.

Thanks for helping us create this resource — we’re looking forward to your contributions.

Aug 14 2013