A Vintage Map of the Internet

Artist Martin Vargic has created a stunning map of the web, complete with Microsoft Peninsula and the Gulf of Google.

It’s impossible to map the entire Internet, but artist Martin Vargic made a valiant effort to do just that. His work, Map of the Internet 1.0., is an incredibly detailed map of the web’s most popular sites and services and has a vintage look and feel. The level of detail is simply stunning.

Map of Internet

Perhaps most impressive, Vargic completed the project in just three weeks, and he is already working on new maps, according to Government Technology:

Vargic created most of the map in Photoshop, and used special software to create the map's ornate borders.

This map, he told MailOnline, includes one full map of the Internet, four minimaps that showcase NSA surveillance, most used Internet browsers, most used social networks and worldwide Internet penetration. The map, he said, also details a list of the Alexa Top 500 websites, a "quick timeline of the Internet History, top software companies and much more."

The IT world is well-represented, with regions dedicated to Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, CA Technologies, HP and, of course, Apple. Vargic took the time to name bodies of water and landmasses. For example, the Bay of Kinect leads into the Ocean of Information. In the Far South Data Stream, Mozilla Island is east of Dropbox Island (whose capital is Houston). Click the image to zoom in and experience it for yourself.

Map of the Internet

Feb 03 2014