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May 12, 2010  

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Case Study  

SANs: Keeping Data on Tap
Storage area networks help localities keep data flowing

A SAN delivers data redundancy while improving operating efficiencies for the City of Fridley. The Minnesota municipality’s requirements echo other state and local IT organization’s data availability needs.

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Tech Trends  

Pump Up Availability with Virtualization
Add fault-tolerant hardware for resiliency

State and local government organizations find that when they combine virtualization with fault-tolerant hardware, they gain both a more resilient infrastructure and one that’s easier to manage.

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Product Review  

Compellent Storage Center
This SAN scales as fast (or slow) as you need it to

In its latest SAN system, Compellent Technologies pairs high performance with an easy-to-use interface at a reasonable price. The system lets you mix and match Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS, SATA and solid-state drives.

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Tech Tips  

Get Ready for Unified Fabric
5 steps to help you pave the way

Don't let the coming switch shake-up rattle your data center operations. Although the dust has yet to settle on a final 40/100 GigE standard, here are pointers so you can take advantage of super-speedy server connections.

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Tech Tips  

Exchange HA: Keeping on Message
Microsoft builds in replication and failover tools

In Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft rolled out flexible, database-centric availability features. But even if you’re running the 2007 or 2003 versions, you can bolster messaging server availability.

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