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MOBILE VPNs: Protecting Roaming Workers >
DEFENSE IN DEPTH: Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite >
VIRTUALIZATION: Securing End-user Platforms >

August 3, 2010  

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Security Stalwarts
Have you deployed these 5 essential tools?

Web filtering, unified threat management, antimalware, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security information and event management — these five items, according to IT managers like Fresno County’s Greg Streets, prove their worth daily.

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Tech Watch  

Full Coverage: Mobile VPNs
Give your far-flung workers secure wireless connections

A mobile VPN sitting at your network’s edge can provide secure tunneled access to clients. VPN software on each client unties the devices from a physical IP address. It works for the Oregon State Police, says CIO Albert Gauthier.

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Product Review  

Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite
This tool can provide defense-in-depth protection

This gateway-to-endpoint security solution delivers multilayered and multithreat protection. Reduced cost of ownership and centralized administration make Enterprise Security Suite an attractive option for budget-constrained organizations of all sizes.

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Tech Tips  

Client-Side Virtualization
Learn new ways to create secure end-user platforms

It’s common when thinking about virtualization technology to focus on the server side. But moving forward, the client side will take on a greater role in deploying new operating systems, maintaining those systems, and ensuring their stable and secure use.

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White Paper

Security: Key strategies for safeguarding IT resources from interior and exterior threats.

Client Virtualization for Government: Improved security and long-term cost savings on hardware and staff are a few of the benefits of virtualizing clients.

Reference Guide

Security: Keeping information confidential, intact and accessible when threats emerge.


Anti-Theft Measures: Safeguard your computing devices with these theft-deterrent tools.

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