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FIREWALLS: Latest Devices Boost Protection
MACS: Embracing Apple Security
SECURITY: 8 Basic Cisco ASA Commands

June 14, 2011  

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Tech Trends  

Security Becomes Smarter
Firewalls help IT staffs closely monitor network activity

Facing an ever-increasing amount of data to process, the Northshore Utility District and the California state courts achieve better security at a lower cost with next-generation firewalls.

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Case Study  

Mac of All Trades
Apple products gain popularity with governments

IT doesn't have to be a PC-only world. Governments are making the switch from PCs to Macs, providing increased speed, security and flexibility for users.

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Tech Tips  

Core Cisco ASA Commands
Need-to-know commands every IT admin should learn

There are thousands of commands for configuring a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance, but these eight are the ones that IT professionals should know well.

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Product Review  

SonicWALL NSA E5500
This security appliance packs deep multifunctionality into one device

SonicWALL's NSA E5500 is a robust interface between a network and the outside world. It boasts a firewall, an intrusion prevention system and a content filtering appliance, among other features.

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Best Practices

What Lies Beneath: Pennsylvania county conducts a security assessment exercise to learn where it is most vulnerable.

Tech Tips

7 Tips for Safeguarding Networks: Network security has evolved with the times. Keep pace with these steps.

White Paper

Security for Government: A multilayered strategy combats new threats and can reduce costs and enhance productivity.

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