In This Issue: Public Safety

WIRELESS: Prison Promotes Mobility
PRODUCTIVITY: Voice Recognition Reduces Paperwork
OPINION: Alabama Integrates Applications
VIDEO: Pennsylvania Taps Toughbooks

Aug. 16, 2011  

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Locked-Down Wireless
Pennsylvania's York County Prison deploys a network that lets officers in while keeping prisoners out

York County Prison has achieved a happy medium between security and mobility. The Pennsylvania county launched a wireless network that helps officers stay connected while making rounds, but took appropriate security measures to prevent prisoners from gaining access.

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Tech Trends  

Speak Out
Voice recognition software saves police officers valuable time, money and resources in the field

When the Redlands Police Department was hit with budget cuts, officers began spending more time typing up reports than patrolling the California community. The department found a solution in Nuance Communications' Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software, which allows officers to dictate reports, interview notes, search warrants and more.

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Product Review  

Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Wi-Fi System
Product boosts wireless signal strength and reliability

The Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Wi-Fi System makes wireless networking flexible and accessible, boasting support for mesh networking, beam forming and an intuitive web management interface.

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Alabama Is On the MOVE
The state deploys a flexible mobile software framework for law enforcement

Alabama increases efficiencies with the groundbreaking Mobile Officer Virtual Environment tool. Applications developed for MOVE allow officers to process traffic citations, crashes and incident reports on the go.

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Tech Watch

Fashion Forward: Wearable computers might soon be an option for state and local field workers.


All Eyes On Deck: By modernizing its surveillance system, the East Fishkill Police Department keeps closer tabs on its surroundings.

Tech Watch

Look Out for LTE: State and local governments await this emerging wireless technology.

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