In This Issue: Focus on Client Computing

DESKTOP: Virtualization Scores with Governments
CLOUD: Desktops Move to the Cloud
STRATEGY: Five Tips for Client Virtualization
REVIEW: Wyse Z00D Cloud PC

Sept. 13, 2011  

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Virtual Efficiency Experts
Client virtualization helps governments save money and ease management

Government agencies in Georgia, Missouri and the city of Boston use client virtualization to streamline costs and ease desktop management.

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Tech Trends  

From Virtual Desktops to the Cloud
Governments look to deliver cloud-based apps on the desktop

Denver's Regional Transportation District and the city of Malden, Mass., offer users anytime, anywhere client computing over a private cloud.

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Tech Tips  

Planning for Client Virtualization
Follow these five tips for a successful deployment

Client virtualization can reap numerous benefits for organizations, including cost savings, increased security and streamlined IT management.

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Product Review  

Wyse Technology's New Cloud PC
The Z00D takes end users into the cloud

The new Cloud PC from Wyse is affordable, easy to set up and offers end users their normal PC computing experience, while sparing administrators common management headaches.

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Tech Trends

Double Duty: All-in-one computers blend the minimalism of notebooks with the full functionality of desktops.

Tech Watch

Less Than Zero: Zero clients tout durability, manageability and flexibility.

White Paper

Strategies: Virtualizing clients presents opportunities for organizations adapting to cloud computing and the proliferation of smartphones and tablet PCs.

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