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April/May 2007

The Pursuit of Perfection

In an age of ever-evolving systems capabilities, security is the quest that never ends. That’s not a value judgment; it’s just the nature of the game.

We have to ensure that we explore every possible avenue to foil hackers, short-circuit information crooks, thwart terrorists from causing untold mayhem, prevent voter fraud and simply make sure we don’t inadvertently lose vital information.


With the 2008 elections looming, e-voting picks up steam as election boards seek paper trails to be ready for recounts and system glitches.



Wanted: Skilled IT Workers

Many U.S. organizations, government and otherwise, tap information technology talent from foreign countries such as India and Poland — not just because it costs less but also because it is difficult to find enough help here.

Don't Forget the End User

Considering the proliferation of cross-organizational initiatives, it’s often easy to forget what our government-systems capabilities are designed to do in the first place: to properly and adequately serve the end user, whether a government employee or a taxpayer.

Unfortunately, today’s collaborative and consolidated landscape means that users can become detached from the designers, installers and technical services people who make sure systems are up and working properly.