Videoconferencing brings remote agency teams together.
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Security Save

Shared Responsibility

Here are some everyday measures to implement to keep hackers out of a government network while remote.

Tech Tips

Strong ARM Tactics

Microsoft makes it easy to set up cloud components with Azure Resource Manager.

Get Smart

Harness the Potential

A responsive ecosystem that integrates government data sources into a single, cohesive picture calls for a fresh look at the data center.

Product Review

Endpoint Defender

The state-of-the-art security application collects data in one comprehensive view, empowering swift action.

Product Review

Authentically Protected

This well-regarded token locks bad actors out of government networks with two-factor authentication.


Rapid Response Security

The Colorado secretary of state explains how the state is approaching election cybersecurity this year.

Tech Trends

Cloud Cover

State and local governments tackle the coronavirus and other challenges through cloud-based data collection and analysis.

IT Futurist

The Heat of the Moment

LAX deploys video surveillance to monitor elevated temps in passengers in response to the pandemic.



Total Recall

Government agencies boost security and compliance with log aggregation.


The Two-Part Answer

Filling the gaps between both management and software can have a tremendous impact on cybersecurity posture for governments.


Window on the World

Faced with a pandemic, states, counties and cities made the shift to remote work — in a hurry.


A Stronger Safety Net

Vulnerable populations benefit when IT solutions help drive innovation in how counties implement public aid programs.


Letter From the Editor

Familiar Tech to the Rescue

Tech companies produce widely adopted solutions that may also help safely reopen government facilities to the public.

Contributor Column

Equitable Access

The public looks to these local institutions for digital and economic opportunity.

Contributor Column

Speaking My Language

The most effective officials are those who can explain to stakeholders how IT supports government goals.