May 31 2017

DeKalb Public Library Emerges as High-Tech Community Hub

A technology makeover for the Illinois county library includes a 3D printer, automated book checkout, and a new fiber-optic backbone, among other tech, with the aim to increase digital access and literacy.


    Emily Faulkner, Director, DeKalb Public Library

    Graham Harwood, Principal, Director of Capital Project Management Services, CCS International

    Patrick Smith, Facilities and IT manager, DeKalb Public Library

    Sally M. Walker, Author

Video Highlights

  • Renovations to the main building increased computer access from 13 to nearly 50 desktops and 24 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets.
  • New self-checkout machines and RFID tags allow patrons to check out up to 10 items at a time.
  • Self-check-in systems automatically sort returned books.
  • Free-of-charge conference calls with up to 25 people are a breeze with a new videoconferencing system.

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