Jun 11 2019

Georgia Department of Public Health Embraces Telemedicine to Improve Care

For residents of some rural Georgia cities and towns, it can be a three- or four-hour drive, each way, to see a medical specialist. Thankfully, through the state's telemedicine network, residents can get access to high-quality care at local facilities. Using Cisco Systems equipment and software, the state has connected all 159 counties to the telemedicine network. The network is used not just for doctor's visits, but also educational programs, professional development and distance learning for nurses.  


    • Angie and Avery Harrell, mother and son, residents of Valdosta, Ga.
    • Sandee Simmons, RN, Children's Medical Services Program Manager, Georgia Department of Public Health
    • Suleima Salgado, Director of Telehealth, Telemedicine and Rural Health Initiatives, Georgia Department of Public Health
    • Roger Bunch, IT Manager, Southeast Health District, Georgia Department of Public Health

Video Highlights

  • Georgia's telemedicine program helps save residents time and money and gives them easier access to healthcare they need. 
  • Georgia currently has 28 telemedicine programs and hopes to expand that to about 50 in the next two years. 
  • The state uses Cisco Systems network equipment and software, and it uses symmetrical bandwidth to ensure reliable connectivity.