Jul 05 2019

How San Diego Is Undertaking Digital Transformation

What does it mean for a city to undergo a digital transformation? For San Diego, it starts with modernizing its network technology throughout the city. The city has been promoting a mobile application, enabled by its network, that lets residents report problems like potholes or illegal dumping, send the information to the city government and then receive an update via the app that the problem has been addressed. However, Jen Lebron, digital services manager for San Diego, says cities that are thinking of undertaking digital transformation should evaluate how they can help their residents the most before they start investing in technology. 


    Jen Lebron, Digital Services Manager, City of San Diego 


Video Highlights

  • San Diego created a mobile app called Get It Done that allows residents to report problems like potholes and graffiti to city services, and then get an update after the issue has been resolved. 
  • The city is completely modernizing its network in more than 400 locations, including fire stations, libraries and recreation centers to connect with residents.
  • Before city governments undertake digital transformation and buy new technology, they should seriously think about how to make the biggest impact on residents.