Nov 14 2022

Santa Monica Refreshes City’s Mobile App with ServiceNow

In California, Santa Monica saw an opportunity to respond better to its citizens: It activated its ServiceNow capabilities for a mobile app. Now, whenever citizens want to submit a request, comment or question to the city, they can see the status of their query in real time through the app.

Santa Monica CIO Joseph Cevetello walks StateTech through how it all came together.


    • David White, City Manager, Santa Monica, Calif.
    • Raphael Lunetta, Former Chair of Boards and Commissions, Santa Monica Travel and Tourism
    • Joseph Cevetello, CIO, Santa Monica, Calif.
    • Jeremy Peterson, Information Services Department, Santa Monica, Calif.

Video Highlights

  • When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Santa Monica examined ways to interact with citizens virtually.
  • Santa Monica already used ServiceNow for IT services management, and it decided to open ServiceNow's capabilities to the public through a web app.
  • The web app has been highly successful, with more than 40,000 requests and resolutions in its first six months of operation.