Oct 01 2014

NASCIO 2014: The Quest for Data Center Efficiency

Many state agencies are considering offloading data center operations to outside service providers. To get more news on what's happening at NASCIO, follow all of StateTech's coverage by visiting our NASCIO 2014 content hub.


    • Brenda Decker, CIO, Nebraska
    • Sean Vinck, CIO, Illinois
    • Jim Smith, CIO, Maine
    • Paul Baltzell, CIO, Indiana
    • Bernie O'Donnell, Director of Communications Services, Connecticut
    • Bob Woolley, Chief Technical Architect, Utah

Video Highlights

  • Data centers are costly to build, run and maintain.
  • Technologies such as virtualization are driving improvements in efficiency.
  • Ultimately, many states expect to migrate their data centers to the cloud.