Oct 24 2018

NASCIO 2018: State IT Leaders Share Best Practices for Cloud Adoption

For some states, the cloud is old news. Others are not as far along on their cloud journey. What do state IT leaders undertaking cloud migrations need to consider when determining which applications to move to the cloud? We spoke with state IT leaders about the best practices state governments should follow as they undertake cloud migration.  

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    Karthik Viswanathan, Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of Technology Services

    Tracy Doaks, North Carolina Chief Deputy CIO

    Amy Tong, California CIO 

Video Highlights

  • State IT leaders should conduct cost analyses to determine whether to move applications to the cloud, as well as readiness assessments to determine which apps are able to be moved. 
  • Users need to be trained on cloud tools, especially if they work for state agencies that are not tech-savvy.  
  • Cloud access security brokers can give IT teams visibility into where workloads sit, how they are being moved and if they are in the right kind of cloud.