Oct 15 2020

NASCIO 2020: Lessons Learned from the Shift to Remote Work

One of the major themes of government in 2020 has been the rapid and massive shift to remote work environments in response to the coronavirus pandemic. More than half a year into the pandemic, what lessons have been learned? We spoke virtually with IT leaders from across the country during the NASCIO 2020 annual conference about how they have been using technology to support remote work and how their plans will evolve. 

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    Nelson Moe, CIO, Virginia

    Tarek Tomes, CIO, Minnesota

    Mike Hussey, CIO, Utah 

    Joshua Spence, CTO, West Virginia 

Video Highlights

  • State IT organizations have been able to rapidly scale up IT and cloud resources to support large-scale remote work deployments. 
  • Videoconferencing has proven to be a key element of collaboration among state government employees. 
  • States are likely going to continue to support the widespread use of remote work tools into 2021.