Oct 17 2019

NASCIO 2019: States Work to Attract a Modern Workforce

Over the next few years, state governments are likely to see waves of older workers retire, particularly in their IT offices. How are they going to attract younger workers? One way is by providing modern technology tools that millennials are familiar with in their personal lives. Another is by offering flexible working arrangements, including remote work options. We spoke with IT leaders at the NASCIO 2019 annual conference in Nashville about what they are doing to attract a modern workforce

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    Massachusetts CIO Curtis Wood

    North Carolina Deputy CIO Tracy Doaks 

    Ohio CIO Ervan Rodgers 

    North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley

    Tennessee Deputy CIO JP McInnes 

Video Highlights

  • The state IT workforce is changing and state governments need to be flexible and use modern technology tools to attract younger workers. 
  • States are recruiting workers early through STEM education programs and also trying to not pigeonhole workers once they arrive. 
  • Remote and alternative work setups are an enticement to younger workers to join state government.