Oct 12 2022

NASCIO 2022: The Top Cyberthreats to States and How to Overcome Them

State and local governments’ IT environments are growing more complex as cyberthreats become more sophisticated, making it increasingly difficult for them to protect against attacks. State IT leaders explain what makes the security landscape challenging and how technology, processes and people can mitigate cyberthreats.

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    Laura Clark, CIO, Michigan

    Michael Gregg, CISO, North Dakota

    Dmitry Kagansky, CTO, Georgia

Video Highlights

  • IT staff shortages are a major challenge for states, which also face cyberthreats from nation-states and even insider threats.
  • Consistent cybersecurity should be a major feature of state and local governments’ security strategies.
  • A zero-trust architecture can help state and local governments protect their IT environments as the edge continues to evolve.