Apr 16 2024

Smarter Government: Lodi, Calif., Improves the City’s Cyber Resilience

After suffering a ransomware attack in 2019, Benjamin Buecher, IT manager for Lodi, Calif., and his team upgraded their cyberdefenses to include Rubrik Cloud Data Management. The robust backup and disaster recovery solution simplified the city’s IT environment. Rubrik helps to ensure that Lodi can restore its systems quickly if a cyberattack strikes.

Buecher tells StateTech how the city discovered and implemented the solution.



    Benjamin Buecher, IT Manager, Lodi, Calif.

    Eric Marchewitz, Solution Architect, CDW


Video Highlights

  • Ransomware attacks hit Lodi, Calif., in 2019, and the city upgraded its cyberdefenses in response.
  • Lodi’s IT team evaluated Rubrik as a new backup and disaster recovery solution to mitigate the impact of ransomware.
  • The Rubrik solution is part of a resilient zero-trust environment that protects the city from future attacks.