Oct 30 2023

Smarter Government: How New Jersey Courts Began a Journey to Zero-Trust Security

In 2020, employees of the New Jersey judicial system could not report to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New Jersey Judiciary CIO Jack McCarthy was faced with a challenge: how to ensure these newly remote workers could securely access sensitive systems using legacy architecture.

McCarthy turned to solutions from Zscaler and started to forge a path toward zero-trust security. With this new approach to secure access, the New Jersey Judiciary today continues to benefit from robust authentication and authorization tools.



    Jack McCarthy, CIO, New Jersey Judiciary

    John Candillo, Field CISO, CDW



Video Highlights

  • During the pandemic, New Jersey Courts sent roughly 10,000 employees home to work remotely.
  • New Jersey Judiciary CIO Jack McCarthy ensured that the agency covered the pillars of zero-trust architecture with Zscaler products.
  • Zero-trust security calls for a principle of least privilege, where applications do not talk to each other unless necessary and users have authorization for only what they require to do their jobs.