Oct 18 2022

NASCIO 2022: States Increase Focus on Citizen-Facing Identity and Access Management Solutions

Many states are establishing identity and access management programs to elevate citizen services and ease government transactions. While some are well into their IAM journeys, others have just started. North Dakota CISO Michael Gregg and Nebraska CIO Ed Toner explain where their states are in the process and discuss best practices for implementing IAM solutions.

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    Michael Gregg, CISO, North Dakota

    Ed Toner, CIO, Nebraska

Video Highlights

  • Nebraska’s iServe portal is a citizen-facing identity and access management program that makes it easier for the public to access state services.
  • IAM solutions allow citizens to register once and access state services in one central location, rather than forcing them to log in to multiple accounts.
  • Implementing an IAM solution across state government requires close collaboration with agencies.