Mar 03 2022

Smarter Government: Ohio Connects to All Citizens Through Single Sign-On

Launched in 2018, the InnovateOhio Platform is a statewide initiative to smooth citizen transactions with government agencies online.

Under the leadership of Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, the InnovateOhio Platform recently successfully launched a key program to simplify the experience of citizens who conduct business with the government over the internet: the OH|ID single sign-on application.

OH|ID provides Ohio citizens with one unified account to conduct business with a range of state agencies. 



    • Jon Husted, Lieutenant Governor, Ohio
    • Neal Gallucci, Technical Administrator, InnovateOhio Platform
    • Brett Adamik, Identity Service Manager, InnovateOhio Platform

Video Highlights

  • To ease the delivery of government services to citizens, Ohio established a single sign-on program known as OH|ID.
  • Using OH|ID, Ohio citizens can conduct transactions with a range of Ohio state agencies through one unified account.
  • As an identity and access management program, OH|ID serves as a key part of the InnovateOhio Platform, which embraces digital transformation to simplify citizen interactions with the government.