Oct 16 2020

NASCIO 2020: States Boost Cybersecurity Collaboration with Local Partners

State governments have had to increase their cybersecurity efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, but so have their counterparts at the county and local level. That has led to closer cooperation between states and their partners at other levels of government. We spoke with IT leaders from across the country virtually during the NASCIO 2020 annual conference about how they are enhancing those partnerships. 

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    Danielle Cox, CISO, West Virginia

    Tarek Tomes, CIO, Minnesota

    Curtis Wood, CIO, Massachusetts 

Video Highlights

  • States have conducted tabletop exercises and other cybersecurity training with their county and local partners. 
  • The pandemic, along with civil unrest and protests, has led to an increase in cyber activity and in protection measures. 
  • States are working with local partners to help them practice better cyber hygiene.