Aug 14 2018

How IT Modernization Improves Government

State and local government agencies face a constant challenge to deploy modern IT infrastructure.

Many existing tools and services rely on legacy infrastructure. Technology budgets are limited, and the majority of dollars go to maintaining and operating existing systems, rather than toward new hardware and software. Cumbersome procurement processes also can make it difficult for agencies to quickly obtain and deploy new resources when they need them.

Despite these hurdles, IT modernization is essential for agencies looking to improve operational efficiency, reduce overall technology costs, boost security and support employee productivity. Among the solutions that can help federal agencies achieve their goals for IT modernization are data center optimization, high-performance mobile devices, networking, security and data analytics. Agencies can also derive significant value by obtaining resources and services from the outside — through public cloud providers, consulting and managed services, as well as through offerings such as Device as a Service (DaaS) programs.

Effective implementation is essential to successful IT modernization. A solid strategy — combined with support from trusted service providers — can help agencies get there.


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