Letters to StateTech

Readers discuss the importance of forecasting in the procurement process, and how agency disaster recovery can be a tricky proposition.


Being in procurement requires the ability to anticipate and forecast, especially when handling IT items. StateTech magazine has been a useful tool that enables us to keep an eye on the technology ball, saving valuable time and scarce money.

Jared H. Basurto
Purchaser V
Odessa District Purchasing
Odessa, Texas


The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal experience, cited in “IT’s Post-Katrina Scramble ” ( January/ February 2006), demonstrated that even agencies that had adequately protected their data and set up plans to deal with catastrophes had to deal with unforeseen problems.

The lesson for us all is that preparation is vital, but every situation cannot be anticipated. The wind from Hurricane Katrina was bad, and the flooding from the levee breaks made the situation worse, but the armed looters ruling the streets caused problems in the storm’s aftermath. Anarchy and lawlessness can happen anywhere, so if you think your vulnerability is lessened because you live in a “safe” area, you should think again.

Susan Klees
Vice President
Data Protection Services
Hammond, La.


Greg Duncan in “Site Simplicity ” (Strategy & Innovation, April/May 2006) must really have his act together. He seems to be asking the right questions to build a usable city Web site.

Lois Jamieson
Retired Superintendent of Schools
New York State

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Oct 31 2006