Sep 28 2009

October 2009



In This Issue: Focus on Security

CISCO ASA: Utility Safeguards Network >

WINDOWS 7: Securing Removable Drives >

UTM: Multifunctional Devices Ease Administration >

October 7, 2009  
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Case Study

Cisco ASA Aids Security
How the Helix Water District safeguards its networks

Choosing the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance for virtual private network and firewall functions, the California utility uses the device to secure remote access and to separate networks.


Tech Tips

Windows 7: Securing Removable Drives

Pointers on using BitLocker in the new OS

In this hands-on piece, learn tips and tricks for using Group Policy settings if you wish to block users from installing USB drives; or, if you allow the drives, how to encrypt the data using Window 7's BitLocker To Go.


Tech Trends

Unified Threat Management
UTMs save money and simplify management

Discover why all-in-one security appliances offering firewall, virtual private network and antivirus appeal to cash-strapped state and local governments such as Jefferson County, Wis., and the city of Lincoln, Neb.


Product Review

SonicWall UTM
NSA 4500 offers multithreat protection

Our StateTech reviewer looks at how well the SonicWall NSA 4500 unified threat management device stymies security threats. The scalable appliance can handle 500 client VPN sessions.



Fighting Off Future Attacks

The key is to find vulnerabilities before hackers do

After Pennsylvania's website succumbed to a SQL injection attack, Pennsylvania CIO Brenda Orth reveals how the state adopted an award-winning process for validating the security of its applications.


White Papers

Security: Key strategies for safeguarding IT resources from interior and exterior threats

E-Rate for Libraries: Information and guidance on the discount program that can help give your library a technology boost

Reference Guide

Security: Keeping information
confidential, intact and accessible when threats emerge

Best Practices

Full-disk Encryption: Six tips for protecting sensitive data

Security Blunders to Avoid: Three things that invite trouble

Securing Smart Phones: How to keep your data to yourself


Assessing IT Security: Who's assessing your IT security? Hackers or a trusted partner?


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