America’s Most High-Tech States

A look at all 50 states, ranked by technology jobs, education, investment and research.

Massachusetts is the most high-tech state in the nation, according to the State Technology and Science Index.

The rankings, which have been released annually since 2002, have placed Massachusetts at the top of the list every year. While the ranking itself isn’t surprising, it is notable that the state widened the gap between first and second place, using the criteria established by the Milken Institute, a nonprofit think tank.

The State Technology and Science Index provides a benchmark for states to assess their science and technology capabilities as well as the broader ecosystem that contributes to job and wealth creation. The index computes and measures 79 individual indicators relative to population, gross state product (GSP), number of establishments, number of businesses, and other factors. Data sources include government agencies, foundations, and private sources. The states are ranked in descending order with the top state being assigned a score of 100, the runner-up a score of 98, and the 50th state a score of 2. The indicators are then combined to create these five composite rankings:

  • Research and development inputs
  • Risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure
  • Human capital investment
  • Technology and science workforce
  • Technology concentration and dynamism

States are given a grade in each of the five categories, and the scores are then averaged together. Here is a look at the results:

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Download the full report for a more detailed look at the outcomes.


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Jul 25 2013