Nicole Sunstrum, Michigan's social engagement coordinator, has spurred growth and engagement on more than 100 social accounts.

Aug 06 2013

Michigan’s Social Media Success in 4 Statistics

Social engagement coordinator Nicole Sunstrum has taken Michigan’s new media to the next level.

Michigan is making a serious investment in social media, and the state’s hard work is paying off. Last year, the Center for Digital Government awarded Michigan an “A” rating for its social strategy. The study examined social media implantation, ROI, innovation, creativity and collaboration. Michigan emerged at the top along with Utah; they were the only states to achieve an “A” ranking.

Michigan’s social engagement coordinator, Nicole Sunstrum, is excited about the progress the state has made over the past few years. She recognizes the future will lean heavily on social media for inexpensive, effective communication.

Sunstrum also understands the importance of her role in building relationships between the government and its citizens. “Social media allows government the opportunity to provide unprecedented access to information and officials,” she says. Another key element of her successful strategy is two-way communication. Social media is not a place for issuing press releases; it’s all about stimulating conversation. “These interactive platforms create an environment for engagement among millions of citizens, helping us to provide a higher level of customer service and education. If done well, it creates advocates who can help spread the story of our initiatives and resources.”

Here are a few numbers that put Michigan’s recent social media accomplishments into perspective:

4,557,544 Total social media followers at the end of 2012
13,236 New Twitter followers on @MIGov since April 2010
139 Total social media accounts
113% Increase in statewide collective social media audience in 2012

Check out Michigan's social media directory to learn more about their work.

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