Sep 30 2015

Attention: We’re Accepting Submissions for Our List of Top State and Local IT Blogs

Our search for the best state and local IT blogs is underway, and we’re asking readers for assistance.

Think about the blogs you visit every day, then consider why. Whether it’s for hard news or pure amusement, there’s a distinct reason why you’ve selected them. Blogs have become a crux of the digital era because they provide information in real time. They aren’t just “websites” anymore, they’re destinations.

Having established its position among those destinations, StateTech understands the value of reliable resources. That knowledge is translated into an annual collection of Must-Read IT Blogs offering the best insights about IT as it relates to state and local government.

As we compile our 2015 list, we’re soliciting recommendations from you, our audience. We’ve added a few nominees, but we’d love for you to jump into (login through Twitter or Facebook for authentication) and add your suggestions. Please keep in mind that, while we’re accepting submissions and encouraging voting, our editorial team will ultimately decide who makes the final list of 50.

Share your favorites, and please spread the word that we’re on the prowl for the best state and local IT blogs around.