Dec 30 2015

The 10 Most Popular StateTech Stories of 2015

Take a glance back at the favorite and most shared state and local government stories of the year.

The top StateTech stories of 2015 reveal that state and local governments were buffeted by numerous technology challenges and transitions. First and foremost, the increasing focus on the conduct of police officers in cities and towns across the country has led to a rise in the adoption of body cameras for officers — and in the technology resources they require.

Mobility was another hot topic this year, given that more and more state and local government workers carry smartphones and tablets on the job. That’s especially true of public safety officials and first responders. The coming rollout of the First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet) interoperable public safety broadband network is forcing state and local governments to invest in wireless network technology and devices. That kind of capital spending is sure to continue in 2016 as the network comes closer to being launched.

Thanks to all of our readers who appreciate and share our stories! Here are the 10 most popular StateTech stories of 2015:

  1. Baltimore Weighs the Hidden Cost of Police Body Cameras

  2. Exploring All the Angles of 3D Printing

  3. Other States Are Using Technology That Could Save California from Drought

  4. What President Obama’s Broadband Agenda Means for Your City

  5. Utah Cyberunit Tackles Crimes Below the FBI’s Radar

  6. How Local Governments Are Preparing for FirstNet

  7. What Are Legacy IT Systems Costing You?

  8. New York, Boston Share Part of $3 Million Library Innovation Funding

  9. Google Chromeboxes Make a Powerful Case to Governments

  10. Workers Hit the Streets with Mobile Devices


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