The Benefits of Correctional Ed Tech

A June 2015 report from the U.S. Department of Education on the use of educational technology in corrections identifies several benefits:

  • Helps prepare students to join globally networked society by developing and improving computer and digital literacy skills, and by making educational gains possible 24/7
  • Provides students with access to online assessments, as well as to instructors with the ability to measure progress
  • Expands professional development opportunities and instructional tools for teachers
  • Supports an education continuum for incarcerated individuals through data sharing, and aligns prison-based education and training with those in the community
  • Provides more incarcerated individuals with the necessary skills to obtain living-wage employment, become productive members of society and exit court supervision upon release
  • Helps reduce recidivism rates by allowing institutions to provide educational services to more students
  • Eases re-entry into society by allowing incarcerated individuals to research employment opportunities, apply for jobs and benefits, enroll in college, address outstanding legal issues, find housing and maintain or develop personal relationships

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Jan 25 2017