Apr 12 2022

5 Questions to Ask Before An Agency Adopts Windows 11

Extra security and easier modernization are part of the new operating system.

Agencies shouldn’t upgrade blindly to Microsoft Windows 11; the lack of familiarity with a new OS is a legitimate concern. Consider these five questions first.

1. What Does Windows 11 Have That Windows 10 Doesn’t?

Windows 11 delivers a noticeable face-lift without straying completely from past versions. The update mainly focuses on productivity; Microsoft Teams chat and calling functions are now built into the task bar.

2. Is Windows 11 Compatible with My Peripherals, Apps and Other Products?

Yes. Windows 11 offers enhanced integration across the Microsoft ecosystem. The OS supports laptops, desktops, tablets and 2-in-1 devices with certain minimum configurations. Windows 11 hit newer PCs first, followed by other compatible devices.

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3. What New Features are Appealing to State Governments?

Microsoft described Windows 10 Enterprise as a perfect platform for government, and experts expect the same from Windows 11 Enterprise. States can also leverage Windows Passport or Windows Hello as added layers of biometric security, supporting multifactor authentication.

4. How Does Windows 11 Improve Security for My Network?

Windows 11 bundles ­­anti-virus, anti-phishing and ­anti-malware protections together across all supported devices. Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory helps control data and application access in the cloud.

5. How Soon Should I Upgrade to Windows 11, and How Long Is the Process?

Vet Windows 11 to ensure it meets agency access management demands, especially if your organization has implemented mobile device management. Ensure that Windows 11 works with existing apps and that users receive training on it.

Upgrading to Windows 11 can take several minutes or potentially hours, depending on the machine. State agenices with configuration management systems can apply this update in batches across all eligible devices.

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