Mar 13 2024
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Review: Microsoft Windows 365 Government Provides a Reliable Desktop on Demand

The cloud-based platform acts securely, carrying settings across instances for a uniform experience.

Many state and local governments were already supporting teleworking programs to some degree before the pandemic, especially in large states where both state and local government agencies (and those who work for them) needed to venture outside of their main offices to reach remote constituents.

As such, the transition to high levels of teleworking during the pandemic was not as much of a strain on many states compared with their federal counterparts.

But now, the initial rush to implement more teleworking is complete. The emphasis is slowly shifting to improving the efficiency of remote work while also making it more secure. That is where Microsoft Windows 365 Government can help make a difference.

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Windows 365 Ensures Smooth Travel Between Locations

Windows 365 Government is a specialized branch of the Windows 365 platform served to authorized users through the Microsoft Cloud for Government. State, local, tribal and federal agencies and their employees are eligible for access, as are many vetted government contractors. The platform provides a complete Windows desktop experience anywhere, including streaming all of a user’s settings, applications and data.

Users can access Windows 365 Government through a hardware device with its own operating system, such as a laptop or tablet, or by using a virtualized cloud computer. Depending on the operator, he or she can be authorized to use both hardware and software-based systems with the platform, with all data and settings shared between instances so that it’s always a seamless experience.

In my testing, moving from a virtualized environment to a physical one did not make any difference at all. All of the data I generated with email, Microsoft Word or other applications was instantly synced through the cloud and made available on every other authorized platform. Even my desktop wallpaper followed me wherever I went.

Windows 11


Windows 365 Provides Users with a Consistent Experience

As one might expect from a platform designed to serve in government, there is a lot of security built into Windows 365 Government. That includes the full integration of Microsoft Intune, which acts as an endpoint management platform that also helps to protect user identities. The platform is built to comply with numerous federal cybersecurity guidelines as well as key industry and global security standards.

State and local agencies that are looking to streamline remote and telework operations while also improving both security and the user experience should look no further than Windows 365 Government. It’s extremely easy to use and administer, and it provides the tools that government needs to get work done from anywhere.


PRODUCT TYPE: Cloud-based virtualized content streaming platform
COVERED CONTENT: Streams entire Windows experience including the desktop environment, all applications, settings and data
SUPPORTED STANDARDS: FedRamp, FIPS 140-2, NIST 800-171, Section 508 and others
DISTRIBUTION: As a service
SOFTWARE TYPE: Single software license per user


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