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Product Review

Theft Tracker

LoJack for Laptops helps users retrieve stolen computers or delete their sensitive contents.

Product Review

PC Protection

Trend Micro antimalware suite reduces risk with pattern file management and web reputation services.

Case Study

Infrastructure Overhaul

Wayne County upgrades its data center to achieve efficiency and redundancy.

Tech Watch

Security Stalwarts

IT leaders identify five technologies essential to protecting state and local government networks.

Best Practices

California Consolidation

Kick-start a virtualization rollout by heeding these six hints.

Best Practices

Loss Prevention Team

Apply proper policies, risk assessment and tech tools to minimize data leakage.

Best Practices

Refreshing Ideas

From manufacturer selection to security procedures, IT pros share their top advice for smoothing PC upgrades.

Tech Trends

Where in the World?

GPS mobile mapping technology hastens search and rescue, spill cleanup and fleet management.

Tech Trends

Net Gains

Netbooks tout an inexpensive price tag and green appeal for state and local governments.

Tech Tips

Power Play

Try these four tactics for reducing PC energy consumption.



Security Smarts

Governments consider policies and products to guard against mobile malware.


Ready and Able

People with disabilities tap technology to equalize their role in the workplace.


Continuous Preparation

Organizations take incremental steps to improve disaster recovery readiness on a budget.