Apr 06 2021

How Montgomery County, Pa., Employees Succeed Remotely During the Pandemic

In March 2020, many local government agencies abandoned their offices to thwart the spread of the novel coronavirus. Making everyday operations virtual was new for many cities and counties, but Montgomery County, Pa., was prepared. County CIO Anthony Olivieri laid the groundwork for remote work with VMware virtual desktop infrastructure. When Olivieri suddenly needed to help more county employees to work from home, he acquired laptops quickly from CDW•G.

For more on Montgomery County's pivot to remote work, read our interview with Anthony Olivieri, "Q&A: How Montgomery County (Pa.) Supported Residents in a Time of Crisis."


    • Michael Case, District Court Administrator, 38th Judicial District of Pennsylvania
    • Anthony Olivieri, CIO, Montgomery County, Pa.
    • Gordon McGowan, Deputy CIO, Montgomery County, Pa.
    • Rebecca Colantuno, Compliance Manager, Montgomery County Domestic Relations


Video Highlights

  • Montgomery County, Pa., invested in virtual desktop infrastructure prior to the pandemic, then rapidly scaled up when required.
  • County CIO Anthony Olivieri rapidly acquired hundreds of laptops to assist employees with working from home when government workers had to go remote.
  • Many county offices have seen increased participation and enhanced contributions to their operations thanks to the flexibility of telework.