Dec 03 2018

How to Turn Smart State Ideas into Reality

Smart cities are everywhere these days. But there are not that many states that lay claim to the title of a smart state. However, that does not mean that state IT leaders are not thinking about the concept, how it might work and what it would take for their states to be a smart state. We spoke recently with state CIOs about what they think of when they consider their smart state visions and how they might be able to achieve them. 

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    Maria Sanchez, New Mexico Acting CIO and 
    General Counsel for IT

    Lee Allen, Kansas Chief Information Technology Officer

    Richard "Dickie" Howze, Louisiana CIO

Video Highlights

  • States that are not thinking about how to become smart states are falling behind. Much of this work starts at the city and local level. 
  • If states move more services online, it helps residents in rural areas and allows them to engage more deeply with state government. 
  • State leaders need to keep resident needs, cybersecurity and cloud requirements in mind while pursuing large-scale tech initiatives.