Oct 20 2022

NASCIO 2022: More States Take the CIO as a Broker Approach to Technology Implementation

The CIO as a broker role has evolved in recent years as the pandemic drove increased technology adoption to meet remote work and security needs. CIOs serve as facilitators for acquiring technology solutions and services with the understanding that they cannot simply prescribe solutions for stakeholder agencies.

Arizona CIO J.R. Sloan and Nebraska CIO Ed Toner explain how collaboration and added value are both key to making the model work.

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    J.R. Sloan, CIO, Arizona

    Ed Toner, CIO, Nebraska

Video Highlights

  • Partnership and collaboration are important to making the CIO as a broker model work, as not all agencies are required to work with the CIO.
  • A CIO as a broker should add value to an agency through a coordinated procurement effort that solves a problem.
  • When CIOs buy technology solutions and services for several agencies, it creates time and cost efficiencies and streamlines the process, since the state and vendor are dealing with only one contract.