Oct 01 2014

NASCIO 2014: The Habits of Highly Effective IT Leaders

StateTech asked technology officials about the best advice they could give their successors. To get more news on what's happening at NASCIO, follow all of StateTech's coverage by visiting our NASCIO 2014 content hub.


    • Brenda Decker, CIO, Nebraska
    • Sean Vinck, CIO, Illinois
    • Stu Davis, CIO, Ohio
    • Jim Smith, CIO, Maine
    • Paul Baltzell, CIO, Indiana
    • Bernie O'Donnell, Director of Communications Services, Connecticut
    • Bob Woolley, Chief Technical Architect, Utah
    • Karen Robinson, CIO, Texas

Video Highlights

  • “It is a job. Don’t take it too seriously.” – Brenda Decker
  • “The most important thing you can do is hire the right people.” – Jim Smith
  • “The most important advice is to continue to listen to the customer.” – Karen Robinson