Oct 04 2017

NASCIO 2017: IT Leaders Grapple with Cybersecurity Staffing Gap

Competition from the private sector and growing online threats compel state CIOs to get creative in filling cybersecurity roles.


    • Dave Weinstein, CTO, State of New Jersey
    • Todd Kimbriel, CIO, State of Texas
    • Dewand Neely, CIO, State of Indiana
    • Shanna Rahming, CIO, State of Nevada
    • Lynne Pizzini, CISO, State of Montana
    • Nelson Moe, CIO, State of Virginia

Video Highlights

  • The shortage of qualified cybersecurity staff is a challenge as IT leaders face increasing threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Many states pursue partnerships with academic institutions to develop a pipeline of security professionals.
  • CIOs prioritize internal training programs in an effort to identify individuals with a knack for cybersecurity.

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