Oct 23 2018

NASCIO 2018: How Will the State CIO Role Be Different in 2023?

The role of the state CIO is quite different than it was five to 10 years ago, as IT leaders have moved to keep pace with changes in technology. The evolution is going to continue over the next several years, according to state CIOs. NASCIO has put forth a new model for the role, that of a broker of IT services. We spoke with state CIOs about how they envision their jobs changing between now and 2023.  

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    Eric Boyette, North Carolina CIO

    Chuck Grindle, Kentucky CIO

    Maria Sanchez, New Mexico Acting CIO and 
    General Counsel for IT

    Amy Tong, California CIO

    Lee Allen, Kansas Chief Information Technology Officer

    Richard "Dickie" Howze, Louisiana CIO


Video Highlights

  • State CIOs need to become business brokers and serve not just as technologists but as the person who brings together vendors and government agencies.   
  • To have value, CIOs must understand the needs of state residents and how to best align those with whatever IT service can meet those needs and expectations. 
  • By 2023, the state CIO role will evolve into a strategist and communicator who knows and can explain how technology can help both agencies and residents.