Oct 24 2018

NASCIO 2018: What Is on Your IT Modernization Wish List?

Every state must meet a budget, and leaders of state agencies often feel that they don't get a big enough piece of the budget pie. That is especially true for technology leaders. But what if budgets were not an issue? We asked state CIOs to ponder what technologies would be on their IT modernization wish list if money were no object. 

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    Amy Tong, California CIO 

    Maria Sanchez, New Mexico Acting CIO and
    General Counsel for IT 

    Lee Allen, Kansas Chief Information Technology Officer 

    Tracy Doaks, North Carolina Chief Deputy CIO

Video Highlights

  • Increased investments in cybersecurity are on the table because malicious actors do not seem to have any constraints on what they will spend to attack. 
  • Expanded broadband access could improve economic development and education, especially in rural communities.
  • A statewide data sharing and analytics platform could make government services more efficient.
  • Virtual assistants, identity management solutions and blockchain are also on the wish list.