Letters to State Tech: Saving Money With Technology and Nationwide Wi-Fi

Readers discuss enlightening team members about the importance of technology in government and how Wi-Fi networks can provide citywide connectivity for public safety vehicles.

Enlightening Team Members

As our organization’s purchasing officer, I see technology as perhaps the best way for us to continue doing our jobs and serving the public at a reasonable cost. Fortunately, the IT manager and I share that viewpoint and a desire to be ahead of the curve.

This brings up a recurring subtheme: the importance for an organization to have people in each phase of its operations who are dedicated to using technology to get the job done the best way possible. We’re lucky here, but not all companies or agencies are so fortunate. I recommend that people who aren’t so lucky route copies of State Tech to other members of their team in the hope of enlightening them.

Steve Fischer
Purchasing Officer
Shasta County Superior Court
Redding, Calif.

A Grand Plan

I am writing on behalf of Grand Haven regarding the Wi-Fi network that runs throughout the city (“Reader Spotlight ,” Winter 2005). In March, I was approached by Tyler van Houwelingen [CEO of Ottawa Wireless, which set up the Wi-Fi network] about another venture involving a licensed frequency the Federal Communications Commission has opened up only for public safety offices. The venture will provide citywide connectivity for our public safety vehicles. With the new technology, the vehicles will be connected all the time.

In my opinion, Wi-Fi is the future technology for everything. I can’t wait until cities nationwide are seamlessly connected and I can stream video-on-demand from state to state while my kids are in the backseat on our vacation road trip.

Christopher Jones
Network Manager
City of Grand Haven, Mich.


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Oct 31 2006