Giving IT Greatness Its Due

Giving IT Greatness Its Due

With Michigan scooping five of the 10 2006 National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) Recognition Awards — in categories as diverse as Digital Government: Government to Business, Enterprise Information Technology Management Initiatives, and IT Project and Portfolio Management — it’s something of an understatement to describe 2006 as Michigan’s year.

So, what were the driving factors behind Michigan’s success? StateTech spoke with Teri Takai, Michigan’s CIO, to find out.

“One of the key factors is that as we develop our projects, we really try to keep the value of these projects to the department and the citizens in the forefront of our minds. We try to quantify these benefits to ensure that we’re getting value for the money that we’re spending on technology,” Takai says.

Recognizing that every state IT department is involved in innovative IT projects, Takai advises them to continue doing what they’re doing today.

“I would just encourage state IT departments to always make sure that they’re really gauging the success of that technology in terms of what the citizens gain from it. That can sometimes be kind of hard for us to articulate as technical people. We make the mistake of thinking that technology speaks for itself,” she says.

Takai believes that IT departments can fall into the trap of thinking that whiz-bang technology and sophisticated solutions are always more effective, whereas it’s often the simple things — such as adding a few extra features to an existing program — that can make the biggest impact.

2006 NASCIO Recognition Awards

Category Winner Project Benefit
Digital Government: Government to Business Michigan Business Portal Creates a one-stop business services portal
Digital Government: Government to Government Michigan E-mail Consolidation Improves e-mail management and requires 90% less hardware
Enterprise IT Management Initiatives Michigan Human Resource Optimization Enhances self-service Internet applications, centralizes data storage and offers a multitiered service center
Information Communications Technology Innovations Michigan Innovative Fraud Detection Improves analytic technologies and fraud detection
IT Project and Portfolio Management Michigan Project Management and Governance Model Creates a standard that assures repeatable and predictable success for all IT projects
Business Continuity Kentucky Mutual Aid and Interoperability Allows first responders to communicate more effectively
Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Partnerships California Statewide Information System for Prenatal and Newborn Screening Program Allows for more effective prenatal and newborn disease screening
District of Columbia Safe Passages Information System Enables collaboration between human-service agencies and private-sector partners
Data, Information and Knowledge Management Pennsylvania Global XML 3.0 Document Creation Process Provides a virtual single system that lets Pennsylvania’s Justice Network share protected information with 28,000 authorized personnel statewide
Digital Government: Government to Citizen Arizona Arizona 2-1-1 Online Improves response in community emergencies
New York e-TAP: New York State’s Online Student Financial Aid Gateway Improves processing of student financial-aid programs
Enterprise Architecture District of Columbia District Enterprise Integration Stack Integrates multiagency data and preserves legacy data investments
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